Unexpected King Series

A king who enters into our sin? A king who was rejected? Jesus, the true King, came in the most unexpected ways.

Unexpected King: Part 1
Senior Pastor Jim Preisig

Into our chaos, into our trouble, into our sin... Jesus enters in. The light always defeats the darkness.

Unexpected King: Part 2
Senior Pastor Jim Preisig

Jesus entered into a world where he should be worshippped, yet he was unidentified by those he came to save.

Unexpected King: Part 3
Senior Pastor Jim Preisig

A gift given in love is not just accepted, it's received. But the gift of Jesus was rejected.

Unexpected King: Part 4
Senior Pastor Jim Preisig

Perhaps there's a decision to be made, to receive the greatest gift of all, the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.


Christmas Eve
Senior Pastor Jim Preisig

Expecting Jesus, in the most unexpected way.