Get Off Your Donkey Message Series

If there is anything we can learn from the story Jesus told about the Good Samaritan it’s this: some things never change. The words from Jesus’ mouth carry the same weight today as they did to the first century listener. The location has changed, the people groups have changed, but the problem remains. In our haste, in our prejudice, in our comfort...all too often we neglect the needs of those around us. Whether we don’t see the needs, or we just don’t care, it’s time to think differently. While the parable of the Good Samaritan provides the framework, Jesus shows how this is lived out in his own encounter with the Samaritan Woman at the Well. Through a weekly retelling of Jesus parable, we will capture the essence of the story: to live with love and compassion toward all. 

Senior Pastor Jim Preisig - 7/29/18

Executive Pastor Ryan Schreckenghaust - 7/22/18

Executive Pastor Ryan Schreckenghaust - 7/15/18

Executive Pastor Ryan Schreckenghaust - 7/8/18

Executive Pastor Ryan Schreckenghaust - 7/1/18