Growth Groups

What are Growth Groups?

At The Summit Church in Lee’s Summit, we believe people grow best spiritually when they're in community. Growth Groups at The Summit are the best way to get into community and find your circle of people within Lee’s Summit. We have groups available for men, women, and couples. Groups are usually made up of 4-10 individuals or 4-6 married couples.

What do groups do?

  • Groups usually begin on-campus for a season and then move off-campus, to a home, coffee shop or other comfortable place.
  • Individuals in groups just do life together, whether it's watching the big game, sharing a meal together or navigating through a difficult season of life.
  • Groups typically meet once a week and go through a 6-8 week video or book study together.
  • Groups pray for one another and serve the community together.

How can I join an On-Campus Growth Group?
If you have any questions, contact Next Steps Coordinator, Kandy Brashear or visit the Next Steps Team at the Welcome Desk following a weekend service.

Want to host a group?
If you enjoy getting to know people while growing in your faith, hosting a Growth Group might be for you! To learn more about what it means to host a group, contact Next Steps Coordinator Kandy Brashear

Purpose of Growth Groups?
The purpose of Growth Groups is to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus inside a small community! Eventually, we want to see everyone in a Growth Group but depending on your current season of life, groups might not be the best next step. If you're looking for a place of healing, we have Caring Communities for those struggling with addictions, the loss of a loved one, divorce and other life-battles. If this seems to be a better fit in your current season, please contact our Care Ministry Director Staci Allen or visit our Care Page.

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