It’s more than a job. It’s a calling.

Our team is high energy and doing work that matters. We are looking for individuals that are motivated and are humble, hungry and smart.



Employee Development

High performance and high development are a focus at The Summit Church. You’ll get opportunities for feedback you need to grow spiritually and professionally. Each team member is allotted a budget to use toward resources like books, training seminars, and workshops.

Flexible Vacation

Working hard for something you believe in is incredibly rewarding. We know it takes a lot of energy, so we offer a generous vacation policy which allows you time off to relax and recharge.


Tools Of The Trade

You’ll have the tools you need to do your job with excellence. Just like we use technology in our efforts to help people follow Jesus, you’ll be well equipped for your role.



Student Ministry Summer Intern

The Summit Church is seeking a Student Ministry Summer Intern for 2019! This role requires a person that has a strong call to be a student pastor and is on a college degree track for that purpose. We desire someone who is passionate about Jesus and helping students follow Him well. Our goal is to give this person a hands-on ministry experience and help them continue to understand their call. Please send resume to Student Ministry Director, Matt Kelley at