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Starting Point Gathering

What is it?

Everyone is on a spiritual journey and we all have a next step to take...but how do we get started? How do we know which step is the right step or even what steps are available? We want to help you with that at Starting Point Gathering! At this gathering, you'll have lunch with members of The Summit staff and others who are trying to get started on this journey. You'll learn more about who we're striving to be at The Summit and you'll leave with a better understanding of where you are on your journey and a plan to take that "just right" next step.


Whether you have been a member of The Summit for many years or you've only visited for a week or two, everyone is on a spiritual journey so everyone is invited! This gathering isn't about membership or joining something. It's exactly what it sounds like - a starting point! A place to understand who we're trying to be at The Summit, to meet others who are on that journey and to leave better equipped to take a next step.

"I want to come to the next starting point!"

The next gathering will be Sunday, February 11 at 11:45am. Click on the button below to register!


Contact Next Steps Coordinator Kandy Brashear.

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