united methodist women GROUPS & CIRCLES

Sarah/Esther Circle
Women who share Christian fellowship, programs and UMW outreach. 
When? Every third Thursdays at 9:30am in Howard Lounge/Library
(Please note, there are no gatherings in June, July & August)
Contact: Velda Ramsey (816) 765.3569 or Marge Jenkins (816) 524.0533

Martha Circle
Members enjoy study, growth, outreach & fellowship with tea & cookies.
When? Every third Monday at 1pm in Howard Lounge/Library
(Please note, meeting on the fourth Monday in Jan/Feb, & no gathering in June, July & August)
Contact: Mary Conkling (816) 524.0864 or Evelyn Otto (816) 524.2860

Naomi/Ruth Circle
Composed of women who enjoy working on UMW goals, programs, outreach projects and sharing.
When? Every third Thursday at 1:30pm in Howard Lounge/Library
(Please note, no gatherings in January or August)
Contact: Kit Hallman (816) 554.2440

Lydia Fellowship
Lydia's purpose is to meet for fellowship & good food! These monthly gatherings focus on a variety of topics from UMW to personal development & spiritual growth. 
When? Every fourth Wednesday at 6:30pm & usually rotates monthly from different, local restaurants
(Please note, no gatherings in July)
Contact: Kathy Oliver (816) 600.2050 or Sheila Lynch (816)525.4639

Love in Action (LIA)
This service group meets quarterly on the third Wednesday in January, April, June & October for fellowship & guest speakers about potential projects. This family friendly group builds a love of God by doing good work for others while working alongside people who love Christ.
Contact: Liz Nace (816) 525.2539

Ministry of Moms (MOMs)
This is a group of mothers who meet monthly for fellowship, music, crafts, Bible story times and snacks with their children. 
When? 2nd & 4th Wednesday (during school months)
Contact: Leann Weller (816) 289.0191

For more information on how you can get involved, contact Kathy Oliver at (816) 517.1250.